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About Us

OZKIVA Vision Gallery

We're a boutique studio gallery specialising in Native American jewellery and Tribal jewellery from around the world.

Visitors describe the OZKIVA collection as eclectic, spiritual, authentic, earthy, hand-picked, creative, shamanic, healing, original... this is because it is an Artist's space and we value the original designs, intentions, and handwork of makers. There are a lot of vintage pieces in our shop; you might find an antique Navajo or Zuni bracelet alongside clean modern gemstone rings from Israel or Spain. We love healing crystals and rare stones... Manifestation Crystals, feathers and incense too. Contemporary work alongside the ancient, antique, and vintage.

We also love the vibrant folk art of Mexico, paintings and printmaking by kindred spirits, rustic old Western items, interesting modern design, and woodsy aromatherapy scents. We celebrate Indigenous Peoples' creativity from around the world. It's a hand-picked collection that is constantly changing!